Alain Chica
Alain Chica

Since 2009, Alain Chica has served as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit of the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center in North Carolina. He cares for patients with a broad range of complex needs, which often include mental health conditions in addition to complex medical and postoperative surgical presentations. A crucial element of the care team, Alain Chica collaborates with colleagues to ensure the proper execution of each treatment plan.

Alain Chica comes to his work with well-developed procedural skills, including in the insertion and removal of nasogastric tubes and Foley catheters. He applies a strong working knowledge of gastroenteric nutrition and colostomy care as well as intravenous drug therapy administration and blood draw techniques. Certified in CPR and advanced cardiac life support, he also draws on experience in electrocardiography.

Alain Chica received his licensed practical nurse credential from the ECPI University College of Nursing, having previously received an associate degree in general arts. He returned to school in 2013 and received his associate degree in nursing, after which he enrolled in a bachelor of science nursing program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He currently maintains a grade point average of 4.0.